Apogee vs Perigee | Difference between apogee and perigee

This page on Apogee vs Perigee covers difference between apogee and perigee terms related to satellite.

There are two main types of orbits in which satellite is placed for installation above the Earth. The orbits are circular and elliptical. The satellite is used for wireless communication and it covers larger area of the earth.

In circular orbit, height of satellite is simply distance from the earth and it does not include radius of the earth.

Satellite Apogee

apogee vs perigee

When satellite is in elliptical orbit, the center of earth is one of the focal points of ellipse. In this type of satellite orbit, distance of satellite from earth varies based on its position.

Here, two points are very important viz. highest point and lowest point above earth.

The heighest point is known as Apogee.

Satellite Perigee

The lowest point as depicted in the figure is known as Perigee.

The apogee and perigee are measured including radius of the earth. Hence to calculate apogee and perigee from above the earth's surface radius part is substracted from above figures.

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