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This page covers antenna installation basics and its service provider.

Installing antenna is easy if it need to be installed indoor. It is a painstaking task when need to be installed outside.

Mobile Antenna Tower Antenna Installation

Installation of VSAT antennas at Hub station and remote station requires more than one person. Cement structure or tower is usually needed at base station/Hub station. For installing TV antenna too some sort of base structure is required to provide the support to carry the weight of the antenna.

Usually respective service provider or dealer themselves take care of antenna installation and user/buyer need not have to worry about the same.

Installation service provider

Mr Antenna- Australia's leading antenna installation service providerc

VSAT system overview covering satellite communication basics, frequency bands and VSAT installation, refer VSAT system overview .

Antenna Tutorial

Antenna tutorial covering antenna functions, antenna terminologies, antenna types, antenna radiation pattern (near field, far field) and antenna testing, Refer Antenna Tutorial.

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