Advantages of DAB | Disadvantages of DAB

This page covers advantages and disadvantages of DAB (Digital Audio Broadcasting). It mentions benefits or advantages of DAB and drawbacks or disadvantages of DAB.

Introduction: DAB (Digital Audio Broadcasting) is a standard developed for broadcasting digital radio signals in more than 30 countries. It was initiated as "Eureka-147" project in 1980s. DAB supports four frequency bands and uses frequencies from 30 MHz to 3 GHz. DAB signal carries multiplexed multiple digital services simultaneously with overall bandwidth of 1.536 MHz. It uses advanced modulation schemes such as OFDM and D-QPSK to offer higher data rates. DAB uses MP2 audio codec. It supports flexible audio bit-rates ranging from 8 Kbps to 384 Kbps.

The transmissions from DAB system can be received by mobile, portable and fixed receivers using non-directional antennas. PAD (Programme Associated Data) are embedded directly in the audio bit stream which are linked to audio programme.

DAB+ is upgrade version of DAB. DAB+ uses HE-AAC v2 audio codec. DAB standards are defined in ETSI EN 300 401 and other documents.

Benefits or advantages of DAB

Following are the benefits or advantages of DAB (Digital Audio Broadcasting):
➨It offers high quality audio services like CD quality.
➨It offers multimedia and data services using same receiver which include texts, graphics, news etc.
➨It supports wide range of equipments such as fixed, portable and mobile receivers.
➨It uses frequency spectrum more efficiently.
➨It supports flexible bit rates ranging between 8 to 384 Kbps.
➨It uses low transmission power.
➨It offers higher robustness against multipath interference.
➨It supports larger coverage compare to AM/FM systems.
➨DAB services can be transmitted in flexible multiplex configuration.
➨Error correction module is part of this digital broadcasting system.
➨DAB supports more stations compare to AM/FM.
➨DAB radio receivers tune themselves automatically.

Drawbacks or disadvantages of DAB

Following are the drawbacks or disadvantages of DAB:
➨DAB interference is more irritating/disruptive compare to FM interference.
➨Batteries used by DAB radios drain faster compare to AM/FM radios.
➨During poor signal reception, DAB radios create gurgling or squelching sound. This is annoying to many people.

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