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Advantages of pH sensor | Disadvantages of pH sensor

This page covers advantages and disadvantages of pH sensor. It mentions pH sensor advantages and pH sensor disadvantages.

Definition: The sensor used to measure pH of a liquid or solid substances is known as pH sensor. It is available as meter or probe for variety of applications.

The example of pH sensors inclue Litmus paper, Methyl Orange, Phenolphthalein etc. The pH meter consists of special probe connected with electronic meter to measure and displat pH reading. Probe is a rod like structure made of glass. Bulb housing sensor is provided at the bottom of the probe. The figure-1 depicts pen like pH sensor device used for pH measurement.

pH Sensor

Advantages of pH sensor

Following are the advantages of pH sensor :
➨It is used for wide variety of applications such as cheese making, pool maintenance, to grow healthier plants by measuring soil pH, stain removal etc.
➨The meters provide numerical value of the pH directly.
➨pH meters are very accurate and provide exact pH value with the help of pH sensors.
➨It helps in determining how much acidic or basic any substance is.

Disadvantages of pH sensor

Following are the disadvantages of pH sensor :
➨They are very expensive.
➨pH meters are required to be calibrated.

Refer application note on nterfacing of pH sensor >> with arduino uno board with pin diagram and source code.

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