Advantages of eSIM | disadvantages of eSIM

This page covers advantages and disadvantages of eSIM. It mentions eSIM advantages or benefits and eSIM disadvantages or drawbacks.

What is eSIM?

• eSIM stands for embedded SIM card which is mounted on the board of the device.
• It is introduced after SIM cards (Mini, Micro and Nano). But unlike SIM card, it is not removable card.
• It is available in the form of an integrated chip.
• It is also known as eUICC (Embedded Universal Circuit Card).
• It is compliant by all the operators.


• The figure-1 depicts dimensions of SIM cards and eSIM card.
• It is ideal for M2M and IoT based low power devices.
• Refer eSIM vs SIM >> for difference between SIM and eSIM.

Benefits or advantages of eSIM

eSIM benefits everyone including end device users, operators, distributors, device manufacturers and so on. Following are the benefits or advantages of eSIM:
➨It stores multiple cellular profiles and hence it works seamlessly across the world.
➨No specific slot is required unlike SIM cards. Hence it is ideal for space constrained IoT devices.
➨There is no possibility to lose the card as it is tied to the device itself.
➨It is possible to have eSIM controllable over the air. Hence it is easy to be used by network operators.
➨It provides same level of security as removable SIM card. It also supports integrity of billing process during roaming scenarios.
➨eSIM enables simple management of subscriptions and connections. Hence end users need not have to manage multiple SIM cards.

Drawbacks or disadvantages of eSIM

Following are the drawbacks or disadvantages of eSIM:
➨When mobile phone breaks, it is easy to transfer data to the new phone in case of SIM card. This is not possible in eSIM devices and users need to rely on cloud to retrieve the data such as messages, contacts and other useful informations.
➨It is problemmatic for users who do not wish to be tracked when they use eSIM. It is easy for SIM card users as they can remove the SIM cards and hence it is not possible to be tracked by network operators.
➨Users who like to use different mobile phones it is easy for them with SIM cards to do so. It is not possible with eSIM card as it is embedded in the motherboard of the mobile phone.
➨There is possibility of hacking eSIM card data from cloud hosting.
➨It is a challenge to be implemented world-wide by network operators in order to provide seamless operations.

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