Advantages of VOIP | Disadvantages of VOIP

This page covers advantages and disadvantages of VOIP. It mentions VOIP advantages and VOIP disadvantages.

VOIP Introduction:
VOIP term stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol It supports delivery of voice and data over internet based networks. All the telephone equipments have incorporated this feature due to cost advantage and availability of internet throughout the world. The PBXs, mobile networks (LTE etc.) and mobile phones support the VOIP feature. Various mobile applications are also available to utilize this feature over wireless networks.

Advantages of VOIP

Following are the advantages of VOIP:
➨Low cost of communication using internet without the need of extra cables.
➨Easy to use and easy to establish the network.
➨Communication is possible using any VOIP enabled devices such as mobile, tablet, laptop, desktop etc.
➨Free IP to IP communication using applications between PC to PC and between PC to phone or between phone to PC etc.
➨No limit on number of users to avail the VOIP service.
➨Call or message or both can be done at the same time using VOIP services.
➨VOIP account is just like email ID and can be accessed from anywhere in the world with the help of VOIP phone. This keeps people in touch with the family and friends from everywhere. Hence the VOIP service is portable.
➨Various latest services are available using VOIP. It includes 3 way calling, call ID, call forwarding, callback etc.

Disadvantages of VOIP

Following are the disadvantages of VOIP:
➨The quality of sound is not good compare to non VOIP calls and hence it is unpredictable to identify the person.
➨Phone conversations can become distorted, garbled or lost due to transmission errors. Echo is also audible during the call.
➨VOIP system depends on wall power. Hence during power outages, the VOIP system will be down till power supply is available. This situation can be overcome by using UPS and other similar devices.
➨VOIP is susceptible to worms, viruses and hacking. Hence security is big concern in VOIP calls.
➨The quality of VOIP service is bandwidth dependent. Hence it works best with high bandwidth internet connection. This requires higher investment to obtain broadband connection.
➨VOIP does not support emergency numbers. The numbers such as 100 in INDIA and 911 in US are not available by default in VOIP system. This can be programmed and offered by VOIP developers on demand.

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