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Advantages of VLC communication | Disadvantages of VLC communication

This page covers advantages and disadvantages of VLC communication. It mentions VLC communication advantages or benefits and VLC communication disadvantages or drawbacks. VLC stands for Visible Light Communication.

What is VLC?

• It uses light as medium for communication between source and receiver.
• There are many applications of VLC which include under water communication, inside airplane communication, vehicle to vehicle communication, indoor broadcast system for internet use (i.e. LiFi) etc.
• VLC uses wavelength between 380 nm to 750 nm (i.e. 430 THz to 790 THz) for communication.
• Data to be transported are modulated by modulating light and are usually illuminated using LED sources. The receiver uses photo-diode for its operation in order to recover the data back.
• Both source and receiver should be in LOS (Line of Sight) for its operation.

Li-Fi internet architecture

The example application of VLC which is LiFi based internet is shown in the figure-1 below. Refer LiFi tutorial >>, LiFi vs WiFi >> and VLC communication vs RF communication >> for more information.

Benefits or advantages of VLC communication

Following are the benefits or advantages of VLC communication:
➨It supports larger bandwidth and hence overcome bandwidth limitation of RF communication.
➨VLC communication works when both source and receiver are in LOS within the same room. VLC based data communication can not be intercepted by any one from the another room. Hence VLC provides secured communication unlike RF communication.
➨VLC source is used for both illumination and communication, it has low power consumption. Hence VLC is power efficient system.
➨VLC is light based communication. Hence it is not affected due to EM radiations from RF systems.
➨It does not have any health risks to human beings.
➨It is easy to install.

Drawbacks or disadvantages of VLC communication

Following are the drawbacks or disadvantages of VLC communication:
➨VLC based communication has interference issues from other ambient light sources.
➨VLC communication supports short coverage range.
➨There are challenges to integrate VLC with wifi system.
➨Other drawbacks with VLC system are atmospheric absorption, shadowing, beam dispersion etc.
➨It requires both source and receiver should be in LOS. Hence non-LOS communication is difficult to be achieved.

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