Advantages of V-antenna | disadvantages of V-antenna

This page covers advantages and disadvantages of V-antenna. It mentions V-antenna advantages or benefits and V-antenna disadvantages or drawbacks.

What is V-antenna?

• It is one of the types of long wire antenna.
• It is constructed by arranging long wire in V-shaped pattern. Two beverage antennas are separated by angle and fed from balanced line to form V-antenna.
• It is used as bi-directional resonant antenna.
• V-antenna operates in high frequency range usually from 3 to 30 MHz.
• Antenna impedance is about 800 Ohm.

V-antenna types

• Based on the construction V-antennas are of following types.
1. Standing wave V-antenna
2. Traveling wave V-antenna
3. Double Traveling wave V-antenna

Benefits or advantages of V-antenna

Following are the benefits or advantages of V-antenna:
➨It is simple in construction.
➨It offers high gain.
➨It incurs low manufacturing cost and hence it is less expensive.
➨It offers higher bandwidth with termination of the antenna.

Drawbacks or disadvantages of V-antenna

Following are the drawbacks or disadvantages of V-antenna:
➨Standing waves are formed due to its design.
➨The minor lones are generated which are very strong.
➨V-antennas are used for fixed frequency installations.
➨It offers lower efficiency.
➨It uses low supporting structures but need large areas.
➨Horizontal beamwidth and elevation of point are not separately controlled. They are mutually dependent on array geometry.

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