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Advantages of Television (TV) | disadvantages of Television (TV)

This page covers advantages and disadvantages of Television (TV) and its basics. It mentions benefits or advantages of Television (TV) and drawbacks or disadvantages of Television (TV).

Television Introduction:
It is the communication tool used to relay TV signal with the help of TV frequencies. The appropriate antennas are designed to broadcast and receive TV signals having bandwidth of about 6 MHz. TV signal consists of picture and audio information.

There are two main systems in the TV system viz. transmitter and receiver. The transmitters are nothing but TV broadcasting stations and receivers are TV sets available in the household premises. The TV sets are connected with disc antennas or Yagi antennas or interfaced with cable service providers with the help of set top boxes and coaxial cables in order to receive the TV signals. TV remote control helps in selecting appropriate channel as per user intension or desire.

DTV Transmitter

Refer TV basics tutorial and Digital TV basics for more information.

Benefits or advantages of Television (TV)

Following are the benefits or advantages of Television (TV):
➨Televison helps us to learn more about the world and things happening around us. This has become possible due to relaying of news, geography and other TV channels.
➨Television presents information in very effective way. This makes things memorable easily.
➨It is one of the great tool for entertainment as it relays movies, reality shows, serials etc. It also helps alleviate depression of mentally suffering patients.
➨It is one of the way to enjoy, relax and pass the time while at home or during the journey.
➨It increases popularity of sports and other games among people.
➨It helps us realize our responsibilities among the society to create better environment on the earth for the people to live long and healthy life.
➨When children annoys parents, they provide them to watch cartoon serials such as Disney, nickelodeon, Pogo etc.
➨It has also become luxury tool due to availability of costly LCD, Plasma and LED TVs.
➨Television can be used by government agencies to relay vital information related to disaster, weather forecasts, demonetization etc. This helps in spreading immediate awareness among people. This is due to the fact that cheap TV sets are available in both rural as well as urban areas almost in each and every households.

Drawbacks or disadvantages of Television (TV)

Following are the drawbacks or disadvantages of Television (TV):
➨TV can make us passive. This makes our brain lazy as we do not apply our mind.
➨TV advertisements encourage us to buy things which we do not need. This incurs additional cost to us.
➨It takes our time away from useful activities such as reading and writing. This ruins our education if proper attention is not given.
➨Certain TV programmes may make people violent with the relaying of crime and vulgar movies/serials. This has huge impact on our society.
➨Television interferes with social family life and communication among family members.
➨It damages eyes and makes people obese or fatty if watched for longer duration and with inappopriate positions.

Conclusion: In order to understand advantages of TV and disadvantages of TV one has to understand Television (TV) basics.

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