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Advantages of Sixth Sense Technology | disadvantages of Sixth Sense Technology

This page covers advantages and disadvantages of Sixth Sense Technology and its basics. It mentions benefits or advantages of Sixth Sense Technology and drawbacks or disadvantages of Sixth Sense Technology.

What is Sixth Sense Technology?

It is a wearable gestural interface which augments the physical world around us with digital information. It allows us to use natural hand gestures to interact with that information.

The sixth sense technology has integrated real world objects with the digital world. It is the combination of many existing technologies such as hand gesture recognition, image capturing, processing, manipulation etc. It superimposes digital world on the real world.

Sixth Sense comprehends information more than our available senses. As we know, lots of information are available on digital world. Hence it has become equally important for us like physical world. With internet digital world has expanded many times than physical world.

We have not been provided sense to interact with digital world directly by God almighty. Hence we have developed smart phones, tablets, PCs, laptops etc. to enable us to communicate with the digital world around us.

sixth sense technology working

The figure depicts block diagram of sixth sense technology. As shown camera functions as input device where as projector functions as output device in the system. The camera captures hand movements and gestures. It also captures scene in fronr and objects the user is interacting with. It captures the photo of the scene in front when the user performs a framing gesture. The projector visually augments surfaces, walls and physical objects the user is interacting with by projecting digital information and graphical user interfaces. The mobile computing device (can be mobile phone or laptop ) provides projector with the content to be projected. As shown mirror reflects the projection coming out from the projector. This helps in projecting onto desired locations on walls or surfaces. Mobile computing device can be connected to the internet.

Following are the applications of sixth sense technology.
• Making a call • Searching the map • Drawing application • Taking a picture • Clock• Multimedia reading experience• Getting product information• Checking emails • Getting flight updates and so on.

Benefits or advantages of Sixth Sense Technology

Following are the benefits or advantages of Sixth Sense Technology:
➨As the devices are smaller, it is portable.
➨It supports multiple touches and multi user communication.
➨The tasks can be carried out through user's motion and gestures. This saves user's time to a greater extent.
➨Data can be obtained from internet by the user. Hence lots of digital information is available.
➨It is used for wide variety of applications for different consumers as per their imaginations and desires.
➨Open source code availability helps individuals to develop their own applications.
➨The technology is economical.

Drawbacks or disadvantages of Sixth Sense Technology

Following are the drawbacks or disadvantages of Sixth Sense Technology:
➨To find appropriate vision based gesture recognition algorithm is very difficult task in the sixth sense technology. The effective working of the technology depends on precision and usefulness of the gesture recognition software.
➨The success of the technology depends on hardware equipments used and their capabilities.
➨The programming code used is specific to the particular device used and application of usage. Hence there may be trouble in executing it on the another device.
➨There will be errors in misinterpretation of gestures. This would be greatly reduced by integrating AI (Artificial Intelligence) with sixth sense technology based devices. Moreover AI helps in recognising human signals much more efficiently.
➨It is difficult to wear the interface every time.
➨Failure of any components makes functioning difficult.
➨The devices based on this technology are very expensive.

Conclusion: The sixth sense technology could change the way humans interact with the real world and it gives everyone complete awareness about their environment. This technology is continuously growing and will become next big thing in the future.

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