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Advantages of Robotics | disadvantages of Robotics

This page covers advantages and disadvantages of Robotics. It mentions Robotics advantages or benefits and Robotics disadvantages or drawbacks.

Definition of Robots and Robotics

• A machine which is capable of performing complex series of tasks as per predefined programs is known as robot. It is possible to change the program if required in certain cases by qualified software engineers.
• The branch of technology which deals with design, development and manufacturing of robots is known as Robotics.

Robotics in Car Manufacturing

Due to research in AI (Artificial Intelligence) and adoption of robots in automobile and electronics industries the branch of robotics have been flourished. Moreover introduction of Industry 4.0 will revolutionise factories and production units across the globe. The figure depicts use of robots in car manufacturing.

Benefits or advantages of Robotics

Following are the benefits or advantages of Robotics:
➨Robots have more productivity compare to humans in the same time period. Robots can produce 25% to 40% more parts annually.
➨Robots can perform routine and repetitive tasks easily. This will free up human resources to perform more value addition jobs. This way both robots and humans can work together for the development of an organization effectively and efficiently. The robots which work in collaboration with humans are known as cobots. Refer Robot versus Cobot>> for more information.
➨In certain situations, robots can help in saving huge amount of labour costs.
➨Business can achieve Return on Investment (ROI) quickly and in less time period due to high productivity.

Drawbacks or disadvantages of Robotics

Following are the disadvantages of Robotics:
➨If the robots are not well maintained, it will malfunction, this may be disastrous during manufacturing or production processes.
➨Operational costs are higher due to power costs and grease costs.
➨Highly skilled man power is needed to implement and maintain robots. This is provided by robotics company. This will increase the initial and operational costs of the companies which use robots in their operations.
➨The robots are very costly and are available in different prices as per applications of use.
➨The robots can easily be targeted by wrongdoers.

Conclusion: This advantages and disadvantages of robots will help in wide adoption of robots across the industries alongside human beings.

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