Advantages of Radar | Disadvantages of Radar

This page mentions advantages of radar and disadvantages of basic radar. As we know there are various types of radar for different applications. Refer RADAR tutorial and following links for basic description of these radar types. We will see advantages and disadvantages of basic radar type here.

Advantages of Radar

Following are the advantages of radar:

➨The radar can see through the medium consisting of fog, snow, rain, darkness, clouds etc.

➨Radar signal can penetrate and see through insulators.

➨It can help find out following parameters of object or target:
•  Range
• Angular Position
• Location of Target
• Velocity of Target

➨It can distinguish fixed as well as moving target types.

Disadvantages of Radar

Following are the disadvantages of radar:

➨It can not distinguish and resolve multiple targets which are very close like our eye.

➨It can not recognize color of the targets.

➨It can not see targets which are in the water and are too deep.

➨It can not see targets which are placed behind some conducting sheets.

➨It is also difficult to recognise short range target types.

➨Switching time of radar duplexer is very crucial when targets are very close. In this situation reflected pulses arrive much earlier than the time required to connect receiver part with the antenna by the duplexer. This results into "reflected pulse is not received by the radar".


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