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This page covers advantages and disadvantages of RF (Radio Frequency). It mentions RF advantages and RF disadvantages.RF stands for Radio Frequency.

EM (Electro-magnetic) waves in the frequency range from 30KHz to 300GHz is known as Radio Frequency waves. Different parts of RF spectrum are used for specific applications and technologies. RF spectrum is usually approved and regulated by government. It is sold to private cellular network service provider under agreement. Figure-1 mentions various radio frequency bands till 300 GHz.
Refer what is RF➤ for more information.

Radio Frequency Bands
Figure-1:Radio Frequency Bands

Advantages of RF

Following are the advantages of RF:
➨It has different penetration through the walls of the buildings or houses based on the frequency. Hence used for radio and television transmission and for cellular mobile phone service.
➨Used in various medical applications. It is used in Diathermy instrument for surgery. It is used in MRI for taking images of human body. It is also used for skin tightening.
➨It is used in radar for object detection.
➨It is used for satellite communication.
➨It is used in microwave line of sight communication system.

Disadvantages of RF

Following are the disadvantages of RF:
➨Uncontrolled radiation of RF affects pre-adolescent childrens, pregnant women, elderly humans, patients with pace makers, small birds, flora and fauna, small insects etc.
➨The areas near RF cellular towers have been observed with more lightening compare to other areas.
➨It also affects some of the fruits grown near the RF tower areas.
➨As RF waves are available both in LOS and non LOS regions of transmitter, it can be easily intruded by the hackers and crucial personal/official data can be decoded for malicious motives. In order to avoid this situation, radio frequency wave based transmission is used with highly secured algorithms such as AES, WEP, WPA etc. RF signal can also be modulated either using frequency hopping or spread spectrum techniques to avoid this kind of eavesdropping.

These merits and demerits of RF (Radio Frequency) are very useful. Refer following links of RF for more information.

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