Advantages of RF Chemotherapy | Disadvantages of RF Chemotherapy

This page covers advantages and disadvantages of RF Chemotherapy. It mentions RF Chemotherapy advantages and RF Chemotherapy disadvantages.

Definition: The use of microwave energy in RF band with suitable power to treat any disease specially cancer is referred as RF Chemotherapy. The figure-1 depicts the application of radio frequency as RF ablation. The same is used in RF chemotherapy. Refer RF Chemotherapy working for more information.

RF ablation as chemotherapy treatment

Advantages of RF Chemotherapy

Following are the advantages of RF Chemotherapy:
➨ The method treats surface cancerous tumours without any side effects in comparison to ionising radiation and normal chemotherapy treatments.
➨It requires less microwave power due to less time to heat the cancerous cells and less dissipation in the soft tissues at greater depth except at the initial part from skin.
➨It helps to increase life of a patient by killing cancerous cells. It reduces effect of symptoms of any diseases. Hence it is mainly used for cancerous treatment.
➨It does not need any type of surgery on the body or parts of the body of patients. This saves time and cost and gives great relief to the patients.
➨Due to advancement of technologies in RF domain, the more sophisticated equipments are available for RF chemotherapy. Hence the treatment services are also available in most of the hospitals across the world.

Disadvantages of RF Chemotherapy

Following are the disadvantages of RF Chemotherapy:
➨The RF Power magnitude should not be higher otherwise it damages surrounding areas of the part under treatment.
➨The signal frequency of RF source should be set as desired otherwise it decreases penetration and increases resolution. Higher microwave frequency leads to higher resolution and less penetration.
➨The RF chemotherapy requires skilled radiologists. It can not be operated by normal human beings who do not possess knowledge of radiology.
➨In some hospitals across the world, the RF chemotherapy services are available at higher costs.
➨The RF chemotherapy service is not available at the homes of the patients and hence it requires patients to visit the hospital every time as per treatment schedule given by the doctors.

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