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This page covers advantages and disadvantages of Polar Coding. It mentions Polar Coding advantages or benefits and Polar Coding disadvantages or drawbacks. They are used in 5G in control channel for eMBB service category.

What is Polar Coding?

• Polar codes are linear block error correction codes.
• It is coding system to achieve shannon capacity. They are provably capacity achieving codes.
• It is invented by Erdal Arikan in 2009.
• Polar codes are being used in eMBB as control channels for 5G NR interface published by 3GPP. LDPC is used as data channels in 5G. eMBB stands for Enhanced Mobile Broadband service category in 5G network.

Polar Coding Block Diagram

• It can be implemented as encoder in the transmitter part and decoder in the receiver part. The figure-1 depicts polar coding with polar encoder and decoder modules in a chain.
• It can be implemented in MATLAB, C, C++ and other languages.
• In matlab, functions pencode() or systematic_pencode() is used as polar encoder. It is a non-systematic polar encoder.
• In matlab, functions pdecode() or systematic_pdecode() is used as polar decoder. It is a Successive Cancellation Decoding.

Polar coding can be applied to modulation block in following different ways.
• Direct polarization
• Multi-level techniques (Multi-level coding and modulation)
• Polar lattices
• BICM (Bit interleaved coded modulation)

Following are the types of decoders used for polar codes.
•  Maximum likelihood (ML)
•  Successive cancellation (SC)
•  Belief propagation (BP)
•  List decoder
•  List decoder with CRC
•  Sphere-decoding

Benefits or advantages of Polar Coding

Following are the benefits or advantages of Polar Coding:
➨They have modest encoding/decoding complexity O{n*log(n)}. As a result they are used for many applications including 5G wireless transmitter/receiver.
➨They are explicit in construction.
➨They are easy to implement due to simple encoding and decoding algorithms.
➨It offers high hardware efficiency.
➨It has helped achieve high throughput in 5G wireless network when used as channel coding. During 5G field trials, Huawei has achieved 27 Gbps.
➨They are suitable for control channel where payload size is relatively smaller.

Drawbacks or disadvantages of Polar Coding

Following are the drawbacks or disadvantages of Polar Coding:
➨Polar coding uses SCD (Successive Cancellation Decoder) whose performance is poor compare to LDPC and turbo coding techniques.
➨It offers higher O(N) latency.
➨They deliver best performance with advanced decoders at the cost of higher prices compare to LDPC (at finite N).

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