Advantages of Personal Interview | disadvantages of Personal Interview

This page covers advantages and disadvantages of Personal Interview. It mentions Personal Interview advantages or benefits and Personal Interview disadvantages or drawbacks.

What is Personal Interview?

It refers to face to face discussion for the purpose of evaluation between interviewee and interviewer. Here interviewee refers to a person who is interviewed and interviewer refers to a person who conducts an interview.

Before the personal interview resumes have been fetched from job sites or consultants as per job requirements finalized by the organization. From the database of resumes, relevant candidates are called for personal interviews as per finalized timings between candidates and the company HR. These candidates are selected based on initial telephonic interview after judging their qualifications, experience and relevant job skills. Each of the candidates will be provided different timings for the personal interviews.

Personal Interview discussion

Following criterias are being evaluated in interviewee during personal interview by one or more interviewers.
• Past experience of the candidate
• Technical or professional skills
• Balance between professional and personal lives.
• Candidate is initiator or follower which will judge leadership skills
• Evaluation of attitude based on his/her approach under different circumstances
• Body language
• References provided in the resume
• Documentation i.e. cross check of qualifications
• Salary expectations
• Available time frame to start the job
• Future goals to judge his/her plans with the company

Benefits or advantages of Personal Interview

Following are the benefits or advantages of Personal Interview:
➨Technical skills can be judged with in-depth information.
➨It is easy to use visual aids and black/white board for discussion.
➨It overcomes language barriers (if any).
➨It avoids any interference due to poor communication lines such as telephone set or its cellular network or surroundings. Hence better cooperation can be established during evaluation process.
➨With face to face discussion, even illiterate or less technology versed people can also be interviewed.
➨It increases rapport between interviewer and interviewee.
➨It can speed up the hiring process as candidate is available for interview by different categories of the people (technical group, hiring manager, HR) at one place.

Drawbacks or disadvantages of Personal Interview

Following are the disadvantages of Personal Interview:
➨The cost of personal interview is higher.
➨It requires high quality trained interviewers.
➨The process is more time consuming.
➨The process is labor intensive.
➨Interviewer bias and confidentiality are difficult to be assured.
➨Interviewee may be reluctant to provide confidential information.
➨The interviewer charactersitics and behaviour will get visible to the interviewee.
➨Geographical limitations.
➨Some respondents are unwilling to talk to strangers.

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