Advantages of PaaS | disadvantages of PaaS

This page covers advantages and disadvantages of PaaS (Platform as a Service) and its basics. It mentions benefits or advantages of PaaS and drawbacks or disadvantages of PaaS.

What is PaaS?

It provides environment to allow users to create their own web applications. PaaS provides runtime environment for applications, development and deployment tools etc.

It provides all the facilities required to support the complete life cycle to build and deliver web applications and services entirely from internet.

IaaS PaaS SaaS

The figure-1 mentions all the tasks performed by PaaS.

PaaS diagram

An application written in python against Google's API engine is likely to work only in that environment.

Examples of PaaS vendors :
• Azure by microsoft
• App engine by Google
• by SalesForce
• Amazon Web Services
• Joyent
• Rackspace
• 3Tera Inc. (Acquired by CA)

Developer can login to above websites and use the built-in API in order to create web based applications.

Benefits or advantages of PaaS

Following are the benefits or advantages of PaaS:
➨It is cost effective in comparison to IaaS as customers are leasing software platform and not as a resource.
➨Developers can run their choice of software on the platform with full control of the software.
➨Full control over the users accessing the software and processing of data.
➨Offers improved support for integration with other systems.
➨Customers will have minimal management of the VM as it is still handled by the provider.

Drawbacks or disadvantages of PaaS

Following are the drawbacks or disadvantages of PaaS:
➨Customers do not have control over VM or processing of the data. This leads to major security risks as they are not aware of what is happening with their data.
➨Customers have no control over the platform as it depends on cloud provider.
➨Platform is most likely used as shared platform. For example publishers running their websites on same IIS platform.
➨Management task becomes tedious and time consuming as they are responsible for updates as well as upgradation of the applications.
➨PaaS is not as cost effective as SaaS and it does not have much control over VM as IaaS.
➨Lack of portability between PaaS clouds
➨Event based processor scheduling
➨Security engineering of PaaS applications

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