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Advantages of PEPS System | Disadvantages of PEPS car system

This page covers advantages and disadvantages of PEPS (Passive Entry Passive Start) Car System. It mentions benefits or advantages of PEPS System and drawbacks or disadvantages of PEPS System.

What is PEPS (Passive Entry Passive Start) ?

The PEPS system provides hands free operation with the vehicle. It allows driver to lock / unlock the vehicle doors and to start / stop the engine of the vehicle without any manual action. It does not require manual operation using key fob or mechanical key. PEPS offers high level of safety amd security.

Passive Entry Passive Start System Architecture
Image Courtesy : www.microchip.com

It is also called smart key system due to electronic access and authorization mechanism. It is provided by many car manufacturers and some are providing as optional feature. It was first introduced by Mercedes-Benz in 1998.

PEPS system provides various car access functions such as im-mobilizer, passive entry, passive start, passive lock and remote keyless entry etc.

Let us understand how the PEPS system works. When car driver approaches the vehicle, secured wireless communication between vehicle control unit and key fob is established and authentication is done. The system uses either one way RF or two way RF between key fob and vehicle. Low Frequency (LF) antennas are installed on vehicle to detect key fob location and to determine whether key fob is inside or outside of cabin.

Benefits or advantages of PEPS System

Following are the benefits or advantages of PEPS System:
➨No button pressing required. Key fob is detected by car upon approach and it passively unlocks and starts.
➨It offers secured access to the car using uni-directional and bi-directional authentication procedure.
➨It is very simple, convenient and comfortable technique compare to mechanical key system.
➨The system detects few cases such as lost key, low battery condition of smartkey device etc.
➨It is very easy to install PEPS system to any car.

Drawbacks or disadvantages of PEPS System

Following are the drawbacks or disadvantages of PEPS System:
➨It will be replaced by smart phone as key in the future. It uses BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) for secure localization and angle of arrival (AoA) to enable PEPS functionality.
➨It is possible that thief can steal the key fob and have access to the vehicle without owner's permission. It is also possible that wireless hackers can develop key fob to steal the car.
➨It is expensive compare to traditional mechanical car key system.

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