Advantages of NFC | disadvantages of NFC

This page covers advantages and disadvantages of NFC. It mentions NFC advantages or benefits and NFC disadvantages or drawbacks. It also describes NFC basics.

What is NFC?

The term NFC is the short form of Near Field Communication. As the name suggests it is used for short distance data communication between two devices known as initiator (i.e. NFC reader) and target (i.e. NFC Tag).

NFC finds various applications such as data communication between smartphones, verification of authorized persons at offices and other government places, ticket booking etc.

It operates at 13.56 MHz frequency with different low data rates viz. 106, 212 or 424 kbps. The NFC tag can be active or passive and NFC reader is always in active mode.

NFC tag and NFC reader communication

The NFC devices operate in half duplex mode and hence one device transmits the other receives. This is known as "Listen before talk". Refer NFC tutorial >>.

Benefits or advantages of NFC

Following are the benefits or advantages of NFC:
➨It is very convenient to perform payments and other trasactions using smartphones with the help of wallet app.
➨It is used for multiple applications in various domains such as banking, reservations, booking tickets, redeeming, entry/exit passes etc.
➨It helps both customers and enterprises.
➨It provides secured access for students and employees in their premises.
➨It provides more security compare to magnetic strip based debit and credit cards. It also uses PIN.
➨It does not require search and pair procedure like bluetooth and other methods to establish connectivity.
➨No special software is needed. Moreover it does not require manual configurations and settings.
➨It is compatible with existing RFID networks.

Drawbacks or disadvantages of NFC

Following are the disadvantages of NFC:
➨It can only works in shorter distances which is about 10-20 cm.
➨It offers very low data transfer rates which is about 106 or 212 or 424 Kbps.
➨It is very expensive for the companies to adopt the NFC enabled devices.
➨It is not so advantageous for users due to complex procedures compare to other easy options.
➨Though it is more secure compare to credit/debit card based system, it is not completely risk free. This is due to the fact that mobile based hacking is common now-a-days due to availability of most advanced tools and techniques which provides complete access of smart devices.
➨The power consumption is comparatively more in NFC enabled devices.

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