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Advantages of Mobile TV, disadvantages of Mobile TV, Television

This page covers advantages and disadvantages of Mobile TV (Television). It mentions benefits or advantages of Mobile TV and drawbacks or disadvantages of Mobile TV (Television).

It can be watched on a handheld device such as mobile phones, tablets, laptops is known as mobile TV technology. The videos are available free or it can be available for streaming or downloaded by paying the nominal subscription charges.

What is Mobile TV (Television) ?

Definition: Mobile Televison is the wireless transmission and subsequent reception of television content viz. video and voice to platforms which are either moving or capable of moving. Mobile TV allows viewers to enjoy personalized and interactive TV with content specifically adapted to mobile medium.

Following are the major milestones in mobile TV industry.
• MobiTV launched first mobile TV service in US on Sprint network in 2003.
• In 2005, Youtube was born which has helped to create database of videos generated by everyday internet users.
• In 2005, South Korea has become first country to have standardized mobile TV. South Korea and Japan are leaders in mobile television technology.
• Companies such as Intel, Motorola, Microsoft, Nokia, TI have formed mobile DTV alliance to promote open standards for mobile TV.
• ATSC paved the way for digital TV to play on all mobile devices across America by finalizing technical specifications for mobile Television.

Mobile TV System

There are two approaches to deliver mobile TV viz. cellular network (3G, 4G-LTE, 5G) and broadcast network. This is shown in the figure. The cellular network delivers content to mobile devices.

In broadcast mode, same content is delivered to all mobile devices in a single transmission. Following technologies are used for mobile broadcast viz. DVB-H , DAB-IP, Korean DMB, MediaFLO, Chinese standard.

In mobile TV transmission, video, audio and text are merged before transmission. They can be played on mobile handsets by various means on-demand, download or broadcast.

Benefits or advantages of Mobile TV

Following are the benefits or advantages of Mobile TV:
➨It delivers mobile TV contents to users at everywhere including when they are travelling. Hence user will not miss his/her favourite program of choice.
➨Most of the TV contents are free of cost and does not require any subscription.
➨It benefits to media industry, broadcast network operators, mobile operators or service providers and equipment/infrastructure vendors.
➨The mobile TV standard such as DVB-H has many advantages as follows.
• Open standard• flexible, scalable and cost efficient • Optimized for mobile device use which is suitable for small screen & antenna, battery power, true mobility and indoor coverage etc. ➨It can be used as a tool to kill boredom of many people.
➨Advertisers will benefit by relaying their business information to larger and specific target audiences.

Drawbacks or disadvantages of Mobile TV

Following are the drawbacks or disadvantages of Mobile TV:
➨It requires fast internet to access mobile TV contents. If internet is slow, it takes more time to load the video contents. This is very annoying to the users.
➨As far as childrens are concerned, this will affect their studies. Parents have to be extra cautious and they should not allow childrens to use for longer period.
➨The challenges are involved in management and rectifying the issues when there are major faults in the system. The rectification time depends on wired and wireless mediums used to relay the video contents and skills of the technicians.
➨The viewing of mobile TV while driving leads to major accidents.
➨It causes many health related ailments if watched for longer duration.

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