Advantages and disadvantages of Microstrip Patch Antenna

This page covers advantages and disadvantages of Microstrip Patch Antenna. It mentions Microstrip Antenna advantages or benefits and Microstrip Antenna disadvantages or drawbacks. It provides links on various topics on Microstrip Patch Antenna.

What is Microstrip Patch Antenna?

The microstrip line consists of pattern on one side of the dielectric substrate and ground plane on the other side of it. The microstrip patch antenna has radiating patch on one side and ground on the other. This is shown in the figure.

mobile microstrip patch antenna

Thick size dielectric material with lower dielectric constant will provide good antenna performance. It provides better efficiency and better radiation and large operating bandwidth. Microstrip antennas are smaller in size and operates at microwave frequencies.
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Benefits or advantages of Microstrip Antenna

Following are the benefits or advantages of Microstrip Antenna:
➨They operate at microwave frequencies where traditional antennas are not feasible to be designed.
➨This antenna type has smaller size and hence will provide small size end devices.
➨The microstrip based antennas are easily etched on any PCB and will also provide easy access for troubleshooting during design and development. This is due to the fact that microstrip pattern is visible and accessible from top. Hence they are easy to fabricate and comfortable on curved parts of the device. Hence it is easy to integrate them with MICs or MMICs.
➨As the patch antennas are fed along centerline to symmetry, it minimizes excitation of other undesired modes.
➨The microstrip patches of various shapes e.g. rectangular, square, triangular etc. are easily etched.
➨They have lower fabrication cost and hence they can be mass manufactured.
➨They are capable of supporting multiple frequency bands (dual, triple).
➨They support dual polarization types viz. linear and circular both.
➨They are light in weight.
➨They are robust when mounted on rigid surfaces of the devices.

Drawbacks or disadvantages of Microstrip Antenna

Following are the disadvantages of Microstrip Antenna:
➨The spurious radiation exists in various microstrip based antennas such as microstrip patch antenna, microstrip slot antenna and printed dipole antenna.
➨It offers low efficiency due to dielectric losses and conductor losses.
➨It offers lower gain.
➨It has higher level of cross polarization radiation.
➨It has lower power handling capability.
➨It has inherently lower impedance bandwidth.
➨The microstrip antenna structure radiates from feeds and other junction points.

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