Advantages of IoMT | disadvantages of IoMT

This page covers advantages and disadvantages of IoMT (Internet of Medical Things). It mentions IoMT advantages or benefits and IoMT disadvantages or drawbacks.

What is IoMT?

• IoT (Internet of Things) refers to network consists of physical objects which collect and share electronic information using internet.
• IoMT (Internet of Medical Things) refers to connected system of medical devices and software applications using internet. It uses data analysis of applications for clinicians and patients.
• IoMT in addition to Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR) and Artificial Intelligence (AI), Blockchain, sensors will shape the future of medical world.
• The IoMT technology allows continous monitoring of ECG heart rate, blood sugar level, body temperature, respiration and activity level and so on.

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➨IoMT solutions for healthcare include following.
• Clinical Care consisting of smart beds, smart rooms, scanners, remote medical care, asset management and so on. All these are connected using technologies such as bluetooth, wifi and so on.
• Personal Healthcare consists of smart pill box, electronic pills (or smart pills) and so on.

Benefits or advantages of IoMT

Following are the benefits or advantages of IoMT:
➨Patients get new treatment facilities using better healthcare devices and medicines at affordable cost. This lowers overall expense for patients.
➨It offers better treatment results.
➨It assures more trust towards doctors. This is due to the fact that IoMT technologies boost capabilities of doctors and researchers.
➨Mistakes are reduced to larger extent.
➨Intake of medicines can be monitored and controlled.
➨It is easy to maintain use of medical devices in such IoMT network.
➨It offers better control over diseases.
➨Hospitals can track patients and treatments by accessing data via apps installed on their smartphones from connected devices e.g. glucose meter, heart rate meter and so on.

Challenges or drawbacks or disadvantages of IoMT

Following are the challenges or drawbacks or disadvantages of IoMT. These are to be considered while designing IoMT system.
➨Security challenges due to use of wireless medical devices.
➨Interoperability to connect devices from different vendors is a challenge while implementing IoMT system.
➨Software implementation of medical analytic schemes.
➨IoMT system requires training for doctors to use apps and the system effectively.

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