Advantages of Internet | Disadvantages of Internet

This page covers advantages and disadvantages of Internet. It mentions Internet advantages and Internet disadvantages.

As we know internet term has been derived from "Interconnection of Networks". Internet is widely used for various applications such as train/air ticket booking, online registration, to send and receive emails, payment of fees and other charges such as electricity bills, phone bills and water bills etc. Moreover with the use of internet one can surf using browsers (e.g. google chrome, internet explorer) and find the information required using search engines such as google, bing, yahoo, ask etc.

Internet is composed of both wired and wireless networks such as LAN, MAN and WAN. Hence it covers entire world. In general, it is made up of different networks such as fiber optic networks, satellite networks, microwave LOS links, cellular networks (GSM, CDMA, HSPA, LTE), LAN, WLAN, IoT wireless networks (zigbee, zwave, LoRa, bluetooth) etc.
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Advantages of Internet

Following are the advantages of Internet:
➨It provides ease and convenience of paying various bills by sitting at cosy home environment without getting tired by standing in long queues.
➨Internet can be available in various fixed (e.g. desktop) and mobile devices (e.g. mobile phones, tablets, laptops). As these devices are now available at very cheap rates, use of internet has been drastically increased.
➨Large amount of research papers, application notes, source codes etc. are freely available on various websites which helps both students as well as employees working on various project assignments.
➨Internet has become one of the biggest online marketing tool. Various advertisers are placing their ads on different websites.
➨It also provides income opportunity through various programs such as google adsense, etc.

Disadvantages of Internet

Following are the disadvantages of Internet:
➨The data transported over internet highway can be hacked by hackers for evil deeds. This can be stopped by employing AES-128 bit ecryption algorithms and other such techniques at various levels.
➨Under-age children can misuse it for their own interests as it can be accessed by any mobile devices from anywhere.
➨Important personal data such as credit card/debit card details can be stolen by using some of the unauthorized websites. Internet user should avoid providing such data at public internet kiosks as well as on unauthorized websites.
➨The application or software downloaded from unauthorized websites can lead to various types of viruses which can damage the computer.
➨Different kinds of installer will allow password hacking as well as unauthorized remote access. Hence always download installers from authorized genuine websites.


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