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Advantages of Helical Antenna | disadvantages of Helical Antenna

This page covers advantages and disadvantages of Helical Antenna. It mentions Helical Antenna advantages or benefits and Helical Antenna disadvantages or drawbacks. It also describes helical antenna basics.

What is Helical Antenna?

The antenna which uses helical radiating element is known as helical antenna. It is used at VHF and UHF frequencies where circular polarization is desired. The helix is supported by ground plane as shown in the figure-1.

Helical Antenna

There are two modes of radiation supported by helical antenna viz. normal and axial. In normal radiation mode, radiation is perpendicular to axis of the helix. In axial radiation mode, radiation is in axial direction as shown. Helical antenna having circular polarisation will accept both horizontally polarised and vertically polarised waves. Refer Antenna tutorial >> and Helical Antenna basics and antenna types >>.

The helical antenna is used for following applications.
• It is used for transmission and reception of VHF signals through ionosphere.
• It is used for satellite and radiometry applications.
• It is possible to establish communication between moon and earth using it.

Benefits or advantages of Helical Antenna

Following are the benefits or advantages of Helical Antenna:
➨It is simple in design.
➨As it uses circular polarised pattern, it is acceptable by both horizontal and vertical polarised antenna types.
➨It can be used for broadband applications due to wider bandwidth.
➨It can be used at HF/VHF frequencies for transmission and reception.
➨It offers higher directivity.
➨It is very robust in construction.

Drawbacks or disadvantages of Helical Antenna

Following are the disadvantages of Helical Antenna:
➨It is large in size. This requires more space for installation.
➨For higher number of turns its efficiency decreases. The maximum efficiency of about 80% can be achieved with the use of 3 to 4 turns.
➨It is higher in cost.

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