Advantages of Fingerprint sensor | disadvantages of Fingerprint sensor

This page covers advantages and disadvantages of Fingerprint sensor and its basics. It mentions benefits or advantages of Fingerprint sensor and drawbacks or disadvantages of Fingerprint sensor.

What is Fingerprint sensor?

The sensor which is used to capture biometric image of the finger pattern is known as fingerprint sensor. The sensing device is referred as fingerprint scanner. The captured biometric sample of finger is used for identification purpose, password control of computing devices, biometric passports and so on.

fingerprint sensor used in fingerprint scanner

The fingerprint sensors are developed based on different technologies such as optical, pyroelectric, thermal, piezo-electric, capacitive, piezoresistive, ultrasound, MEMS etc.

The figure depicts working of fingerprint sensor. As shown human finger is pressed on scanning device to capture the image of the finger of a person. Once the image is captured, it can be used as reference sample for any future verifications of the same individual.

Benefits or advantages of Fingerprint sensor

Following are the benefits or advantages of Fingerprint sensor:
➨It offers high accuracy for fingerprint recognition.
➨It offers long term stability.
➨It is easy to use/non-intrusive technique.
➨Smaller storage space is needed for biometric sample and hence it reduces database memory requirement.
➨The fingerprints are unique to each finger of each individual and the ridge arrangement remains permanent during one's lifetime.
➨The other benefits of fingerprint recognition using such sensing devices are as follows.
-Difficult to guess fingerprint pattern than guessing password.
-Can't misplace fingerprints like one can misplace physical access cards.
-Difficult to create fake identity cards based on biometric image.

Drawbacks or disadvantages of Fingerprint sensor

Following are the drawbacks or disadvantages of Fingerprint sensor:
➨The system has inability to enrol some users.
➨The accuracy and working of system is affected by skin conditions of people.
➨The system is associated with forensic applications.
➨There are health issues involved due to touching of single scanning sensor device by countless number of individuals. This has serious implications in pandemic situations such as COVID-19 etc.
➨It is difficult to capture complete and accurate fingerprint image in some cases based on age and occupation.
➨Collection of high quality nail to nail image needs training and specific skills.

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