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Advantages of Emotion Sensing | disadvantages of Emotion Sensing

This page covers advantages and disadvantages of Emotion Sensing Technology and its basics. It mentions benefits or advantages of Emotion Sensing Technology and drawbacks or disadvantages of Emotion Sensing Technology.

What is Emotion Sensing Technology?

This electronics sensing technology uses sensors and emotion recognition software to understand human behaviour and emotions in detail with certainty. It records various reactions, emotions or feelings of a person at given moment. The technology will include more complicated tasks than mere visual design creation. It will combine many things in the overall emotion sensing system such as measurement of patterns, measurement of actions, facial expressions, voice intonation, body language and monitoring and analysis of behaviour patterns.

Emotion Sensing Technology

The emotion sensing technology is divided into two parts viz. emotion detection and emotion recognition. Emotion detection is the identification of human expression in the form of dataset based on circumstances, mood or relationship with others. It can be applied to many domains such as educational & diagnostic software, robots, driverless cars, virtual reality, pervasive computing, video games, consumer electronics and so on.

Emotion sensing technology along with AI (Artificial Intelligence) can read and analyze many parameters such as skin conductance, heart rate, eye movements, facial expressions, changes in voice and so on.

Smart devices with latest technologies will use emotional reactions and quickly convert the same into data and facts in order to analyze situations and come up with appropriate actions/recommendations. Currently, emotion sensing technology has been used in healthcare and automotive industry. In future, it will be available in other domain areas also such as medicine, advertising, VR, robotics, gaming, education etc.

Benefits or advantages of Emotion Sensing Technology

Following are the benefits or advantages of Emotion Sensing Technology:
➨It helps employees and HR (Human Resource) team of any company to manage stress levels. This will create healthy work environment and increase productivity. HR and managers will recongize positive and negative moods of the employees and customers which help businesses to grow.
➨The technology does not require any additional expensive hardware to adopt. AI recognition software will help in accomplishing the task of emotion sensing.
➨Real time voice based emotion analysis creates opportunities for automated customer service agents to recognize emotional state of the callers. This helps it adapt accordingly.
➨This helps companies establish deep emotional connections with their consumers through virtual assistant devices. Moreover emotion sensing wearable helps in monitoring state of mind of the users in terms of mental and other health parameters.
➨This technology help children and elderly people by providing timely medical care and assistance by alerting to their caregivers or other family members.
➨Analysis of comments on social media is helpful for the country and the world.

Drawbacks or disadvantages of Emotion Sensing Technology

Following are the challenges or drawbacks or disadvantages of Emotion Sensing Technology:
➨Validation of emotion dataset is a challenge in order to have accurate emotion recognition system.
➨Finding or detecting emotion is haystack.
➨It is a challenge to make emotion available in different languages.
➨There are limitations with different types and versions of the softwares such as dataset input is only textual data, image, pattern, video and audio inputs are invalid.
➨Performance and results of the emotion sensing system depends on accuracy of the sensors such as cameras, thermal image sensors, facial recognition algorithm used and so on. Highly accurate system will be expensive due to use of costly components.

Conclusion: Emotion sensing technologies are evolving at this stage. Once it matures, advantages of Emotion Sensing Technology will help mankind in various aspects of life. The most beneficial is that it will avoid accidents or tragedies resulting due to driver's state of mind, drawsiness, irritation etc. It will take time to overcome drawbacks or disadvantages of Emotion Sensing Technology before it matures.

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