Advantages of ECG sensor | Disadvantages of ECG sensor

This page covers advantages and disadvantages of ECG sensor and its basics. It mentions benefits or advantages of ECG sensor and drawbacks or disadvantages of ECG sensor.

What is ECG sensor?

The sensor along with machine which collects the ECG data from person is known as ECG sensor or ECG machine. The recorded ECG curve helps in identifying abnormalities in the heart. This helps doctor in diagnosis of heart patients. ECG sensor measures heart rate (HR), heart rate variability (HRV) and other parameters.

AD8232 ECG sensor

The simple ECG sensor is AD8232 module as shown. The electrodes are attached with AD8232 to tap the electrical signals from chest of the person. At least three electrodes are required to record the ECG. AD8232 produces analog signal which represent heart beat. Microcontroller or Arduino Uno board or can be used to display ECG pattern. The AD8232 IC can powered using either Voltage Regulator or Arduino board.

Benefits or advantages of ECG sensor

Following are the benefits or advantages of ECG sensor:
➨It offers more accurate results than PPG (photoplethysmogram) sensor.
➨It delivers results quickly due to its short settling time than PPG sensor.
➨PCB footprint of ECG sensor is small compare to PPG sensor.
➨Operating power of ECG sensor is lower than PPG sensor.
➨External clock is not required in ECG sensor due to built in oscillator.

Drawbacks or disadvantages of ECG sensor

Following are the drawbacks or disadvantages of ECG sensor:
➨It requires saving of the chest hair to get clear ECG signal waveform.
➨Sources such as electrical interference, muscle tremor, patient movement or loss of electrode contact result into artifactual signal on ECG. These readings are not caused by electrical currents produced by the heart.
➨Increased difficulty in placement of electrodes to achieve better results.
➨Poor electrode to patient contact results into poor ECG signal quality as well as false alarms.
➨ECG sensor with monitor is expensive compare to PPG sensor.

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