Advantages of Database system | disadvantages of Database system

This page covers advantages and disadvantages of Database system and its Management system. It mentions benefits or advantages of Database system and drawbacks or disadvantages of Database system.

What is Database ?

The collection of related data stored in such a manner which enables information retriving easier is called database. As shown in the figure below, database contains rows and columns. Database can be used for various applications e.g. inventory of products, student register,customer data and so on.

Database typically can be in the following forms.
•  Tables: Collection of related records.
•  Fields: Single category of data to be stored in a database e.g. name, telephone number etc.
•  Records (Rows): Collection of related fields in a database e.g. all the fields for one customer

Database tables

DBMS (Database Management System) is used for following.
• It is used to create, maintain and access databases.
• DBMS consists of program called database engine which helps in storing and retrieving data.
• Examples of database systems : Microsoft Access, OpenOffice Base, Corel Paradox, Oracle database etc.

Benefits or advantages of Database system

Following are the benefits or advantages of Database system:
➨It ensures all copies of data are kept consistent. Hence it offers fast response time due to structured arrangment of data.
➨It helps in controlling data redundancy. Hence it occupies very less storage requirements.
➨It provides high security and easier data access.
➨It offers higher data accuracy.
➨Sharing of data is easier across the entire organization by all the authorized users.

Drawbacks or disadvantages of Database system

Following are the drawbacks or disadvantages of Database system:
➨It results in increased vulnerability. Hence backup is essential.
➨DBMS is complex and hence requires training for all including designers, administrators, users etc.
➨It utilizes substantial amount of memory as well as disk space.
➨Multiuser DBMS system is very expensive. It incurs higher annual maintenance cost.
➨It requires additional hardware in order to convert file base system to database system.

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