Advantages of Data Loggers | disadvantages of Data Loggers

This page covers advantages and disadvantages of Data Loggers used for data logging. It mentions Data Loggers advantages or benefits and Data Loggers disadvantages or drawbacks.

What is Data Loggers?

As the name suggests data loggers are instruments used for data logging. Depending upon requirements there are various types of data loggers viz. PC based or standalone data loggers. Moreover there are single channel based data loggers and multi-channel based data loggers.

As shown in the figure-1, there are three main modules in a data logging system.
• Sensors or transducers: They are used to sense the data to be analyzed or stored. Often data is acquired using other devices and provided as software file to data loggers for further analysis.
• Data acquisition hardware: It acquires/stores as well as converts the data into the form which can be interpreted by applications or data logging software.
• Data logging software or application: It is software part which analyses the data and provides results as desired in the form of graphs/plots.

Data Loggers for data logging

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Benefits or advantages of Data Loggers

Following are the benefits or advantages of Data Loggers:
➨It can be used in remote or dangerous situations.
➨The data logging can work as per its design. Some equipments log data 24 hours a day and 365 days of year while some logs data only during its predefined period.
➨Once it is setup, it performs data logging automatically and does not require presence of human beings.
➨It is very accurate as likelihood of human error is not there.
➨It is easier to understand scientific experiments and scientific concept with the help of better graphs/plots.

Drawbacks or disadvantages of Data Loggers

Following are the disadvantages of Data Loggers:
➨It requires initial investment cost to start using the data logging service. Moreover the equipment is expensive for small tasks.
➨Often all the features are not available in data logger equipment and hence requires modification in the software or application.
➨If data logging equipment malfunctions, some data could be lost or will not be recorded.
➨Certain data logging equipment can take readings only during interval configured at the start.
➨Basic training is needed to use the equipment.

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