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Advantages of Brouter & disadvantages of Brouter in networking

This page covers advantages and disadvantages of Brouter in networking. It mentions benefits or advantages of Brouter and drawbacks or disadvantages of Brouter.

What is Brouter in networking?

The device which houses functionalities of bridge and router is known as Brouter. It is used in a network comprising LAN, MAN or WAN.

We already know that bridge converts signal from one physical transmission medium to the another or it may convert one protocol format to the another protocol format. Bridge operates at data link layer of OSI stack. It reads MAC address of the device. Bridge has only two ports.

A router is a device which routes data as per routing algorithms in order to forward packets between devices. The router transmits internet traffic over internet (i.e. WAN) and keeps local traffic within LAN. Router operates at network layer of OSI stack. It reads IP address of a device. Router has more ports compare to bridge.

Brouter in networking

The application example of brouter in networking is shown in the figure above. As shown, brouter converts electrical signal to optical signal and vice versa in order to transmit/receive data over optic fiber cable. This way ethernet based LAN is interfaced with distant LAN using fiber cable.

Brouter provides best attributes of both bridge and router. It operates at data link and network layers.

Benefits or advantages of Brouter

Following are the benefits or advantages of Brouter:
➨It offers best route for the data packets and hence reduces network traffic. This increases efficiency of internet connection as it only transmits or receives traffic intended for it instead of all the traffic on the network.
➨It supports packet filtering and packet switching.
➨It can be used with both LAN and WAN.
➨It offers NAT to be configured and hence hides real IP address of internal network which makes network more secure.
➨It can connect with different mediums.

Drawbacks or disadvantages of Brouter

Following are the drawbacks or disadvantages of Brouter:
➨It is expensive compare to hub and router.
➨It is complex to manage and requires considerable amount of initial configuration.
➨Refer disadvantages of bridges for more information.
➨Refer disadvantages of routers for more information.

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