Advantages of Antenna | Disadvantages of Antenna types

This page covers advantages and disadvantages of Antenna types. It mentions advantages of antenna and disadvantages of antenna. It include dipole antenna, whip antenna, loop antenna, spiral antenna, helical antenna, microstrip antenna, ceramic antenna and slot antenna.

Advantages of Antenna Types

Following are the advantages of Antenna types:
Dipole Antenna:They are cheap and exhibits good gain.
Whip Antenna:It delivers good performance with size less than dipole antenna.
Loop Antenna:They are cheap and not easily de-tuned by hand movements.
Spiral Antenna:The size is less than whip antenna. It can be used for wideband applications.
Helical Antenna: It is very directive antenna and provides good amount of gain.
Microstrip Antenna:They are very simple and chip antenna. They are used in smartphone due to their thin structure.
Ceramic Antenna: They are very small in size and are less affected due to environment factors. They are separate components.
Slot Antenna: They are simple in design and are smaller in size. They are robust in nature.

Disadvantages of Antenna Types

Following are the disadvantages of Antenna Types:
Dipole Antenna: They exhibit large size at lower frequency.
Whip Antenna: The higher cost is the major disadvantage. Better ground plane is needed to achieve good performance.
Loop Antenna: They have poor gain, difficult to tune and are very narrowband.
Spiral Antenna: The major disadvantage of this type of antenna is difficulty in feeding it.
Helical Antenna: They are bulky in size. They are de-tuned by nearby objects very easily.
Microstrip Antenna: They are large in size at lower frequency. PCB design affects performance and tuning. It is difficult to design for less than 433 MHz.
Ceramic Antenna: They are higher in cost. They deliver medium performance. They are matching function of PCB size and ground plane shape.
Slot Antenna: They are larger in size at lower frequency and hence it is difficult to design them for frequencies less than 433 MHz.

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