Advantages of 6-Stroke Engine | disadvantages of 6-Stroke Engine

This page covers advantages and disadvantages of 6-Stroke Engine. It mentions 6-Stroke Engine advantages or benefits and 6-Stroke Engine disadvantages or drawbacks.

What is 6-Stroke Engine?

• The 4-stroke engine design is modified to design 6-stroke engine.
• It improves efficiency and reduce emissions with less fuel consumption.
• There are total 6 cycles with two power strokes.
• The 6-stroke engines are categorized into single piston type and opposed piston type.
• It delivers higher output power and torque.
• There are two expansions (work/power stroke) in the six strokes.

6 stroke engine

The figure-1 depicts number of cycles in a six stroke engine. Refer comparison between 4 stroke engine versus 6 stroke engine >>.

Benefits or advantages of 6-Stroke Engine

Following are the benefits or advantages of 6-Stroke Engine:
➨Power output is higher. It is increased by 35% compare to 4-stroke engine.
➨Emission is less and hence air pollution is lower by up to 65%.
➨Thermal efficiency is higher.
➨Fuel consumption is less. It is reduced by 40% compare to 4-stroke engine.
➨Lower engine temperature and noise level.
➨Due to more air intake, the cooling system is improved. Hence external cooling is not required.
➨The output torque is increased by 35% compare to 4-stroke engine.

Drawbacks or disadvantages of 6-Stroke Engine

Following are the disadvantages of 6-Stroke Engine:
➨It requires modifications to existing 4-stroke engine.
➨There are chances of entry of water in the fuel.
➨Brake power and indicated power per cycle per cylinder is comparatively lesser.
➨Engine size increases due to additional components.
➨The manufacturing cost of 6-stroke engine is higher.

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