Advantages of 3D printed antenna | disadvantages of 3D printed antenna

This page covers advantages and disadvantages of 3D printed antenna. It mentions 3D printed antenna advantages or benefits and 3D printed antenna disadvantages or drawbacks.

What is 3D printed antenna?

Using 3D printing, material is joined or solidified under PC control in order to create a 3D object. The antenna developed using 3D printing technology is known as 3D printed antenna. It helps in rapid prototyping of the design. Moreover it can be used as additive manufacturing method.

3D models are created using CAD, 3D scanner or by camera/photogrammetry software. CAD developed models result in reduction in errors in the final product.

16 element 3D printed antenna array

3D printing technology has been applied on various RF products which include waveguide, antenna, filter and other components from C band to W band.

• Tripole or dual dipole antennas.
• Gallium based 3D antenna array
• 16-element antenna array developed by Optisys (as shown in figure-1).

Benefits or advantages of 3D printed antenna

Following are the benefits or advantages of 3D printed antenna:
➨3D printing produces less weight antenna.
➨3D printing produces cheaper antenna.
➨3D printing allows flexibility to manufacture any complex shapes compare to traditional approach.
➨They are easy to construct using sophisticated tools.
➨They provide high accuracy in manufacturing processes as the design is executed by photo etching.
➨The 3D printing produces highly innovative and customizable designs.
➨3D printed microstrip antenna offers high directivity.

Drawbacks or disadvantages of 3D printed antenna

Following are the drawbacks or disadvantages of 3D printed antenna:
➨They are fragile.
➨Some designs such as metal 3D printed antennas are expensive to manufacture.
➨Aesthetic nightmare

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