Active hub vs Passive hub-Difference between Active hub and Passive hub

This page compares Active hub vs Passive hub and mentions difference between Active hub and Passive hub. It mentions advantages and disadvantages of both active and passive hubs.

What is Hub?

A Hub is a network device which connects multiple nodes or PCs on its ports or connections using twisted pair or optical cables. It operates on layer-1 of OSI stack i.e. physical layer. The ethernet hub does not manage traffic passing through them. It simply broadcasts the packet out to all the ports except the port of entry. Hubs are of various types and are available in various port configurations viz. 4, 5, 8, 12 and so on.

Basics and Types of Hubs

The figure-1 depicts hub used to interface various nodes or PCs in a star configuration. The ethernet hub organizes cables and relays signals to the other media segments. It can also be used in other configurations based on packets travel between nodes. Refer Hub basics and Hub types >>.

Following are the types of hubs.
• Active Hub
• Passive Hub
• Intelligent Hub
Let us understand difference between active hub and passive hub types.

Active hub

• Function: It houses electronic components used to amplify or regenerate signals between nodes.
• Advantages: It helps in extending distance between the two nodes.
• Disadvantages: It amplifies noise in addition to the desired signals. They are very expensive compare to passive hub.
• It requires power supply.

Passive hub

• Function: It simply combines signals of a network segments.
• Advantages: Passive hubs are cheaper compare to active hub. It does not amplify noise.
• Disadvantages: It reduces cable distance by half as it does not amplify or boost the signals.
• It does not require power supply.
• It is only used to share the physical medium.

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