Accelerometer Sensor Vs Tilt Sensor | Difference between Accelerometer Sensor and Tilt Sensor

This page compares Accelerometer Sensor Vs Tilt Sensor and mentions difference between Accelerometer Sensor and Tilt Sensor types.

Accelerometer Sensor

Accelerometer schematic structure

The figure-1 depicts Accelerometer schematic structure. Following are the features of Accelerometer Sensor.
• Accelerometer sensors are available in one, two or three axis models.
• They are used to detect magnitude and direction of acceleration.
• Applications: Three axis versions are used in smartphones while two axis versions are used in cars.
• High sensitive accelerometer sensors can measure acceleration more easily compare to low sensitive ones.
• Accelerometer can be used as tilt sensor but not all tilt sensors are used as accelerometers e.g. mercury based tilt sensor can not provide measurement of acceleration.

Tilt Sensor

MEMS gyroscope-A tilt sensor

The figure-2 depicts MEMS gyroscope used as tilt sensor. Following are the features of Tilt Sensor.
• It is almost like a ON/OFF level switch. It just indicates that it has tilted.
• It has contact which opens when it is tilted and remains closed in no tilt condition.
• The contact does not open unless it is physically tilted.
• A tilt sensor often measures tilting in two axes of reference plane.

Mercury and Ball type tilt sensors

Mercury Tilt Switch Ball type tilt switch

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