AM to AM Conversion

This describes AM-AM conversion basics in PA, its cause and mention its effect on constellation point of modulated signal.

AM to AM conversion is the measure of AM-AM distortion (nonlinear) in power amplifier (PA). This happens due to undesired amplitude changes due to temperature as well as power supply variations and multipath fading on the way of RF signal. This type of distortion more prominent in amplitude modulated signals such as QAM, AM etc.

As shown in fig.1 X (t) should be as mentioned in equation 1, but due to nonlinear distortion it will be as mentioned in equation 2, here g[A(t)] contribute for AM-AM conversion to occur. AM-AM conversion results due to amplitude variations at the input of Amplifier device.
AM-AM/AM-PM conversion Equation
Fig.1 AM-AM/AM-PM conversion Equation

Unit of AM-AM conversion is dB/dB

QPSK constellation changes as shown in the fig. 2 due to AM-AM-conversion, but due to other impairments in the system such as AM-PM distortion, I-Q mismatch, phase noise etc. one cannot distinct whether the effect (constellation change) is due to which of the impairments.
AM-AM conversion

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