ACPR vs ACLR-difference between ACPR and ACLR

This page on ACPR vs ACLR mentions difference between ACPR and ACLR. ACPR stands for Adjacent Channel Power Ratio and ACLR stands for Adjacent Channel Leakage Ratio. Though the name is different, both terms are used interchangeably to represent the same thing.

ACPR-Adjacent Channel Power Ratio


The figure-1 depicts ACPR measurement curve on spectrum analyzer. As shown it is the ratio of adjacent channel power (both lower and upper sidebands) with reference channel power.

In the form of equation it is represented as follows:

ACPR (dBc) = 10 * Log10 ( Padj/Pref)

Also Refer ACPR Calculator.

Higher the ratio between the adjacent and reference channel power better is the system. In other words, between the system having ACPR of 30 dBc and another having ACPR of 50 dBc,
System with ACPR of 50dBc is considered to be good.
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ACLR-Adjacent Channel Leakage Ratio

As mentioned it has same meaning as ACPR as described above.

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