60 GHz RF channels | channel-1,channel-2,channel-3,channel-4

This page mentions 60 GHz RF Channels viz. channel-1, channel-2, channel-3 and channel-4. It also mentions 60 GHz Frequency Allocations by Region viz. US, CANADA, Europe, South Korea, Japan, Australia and China.

What is 60GHz?

Following are the features of 60GHz frequency.
• This particular frequency falls in millimeter wave range (i.e. 30 GHz to 300 GHz) in the electromagnetic frequency spectrum.
• It falls in globally used unlicensed band viz. 57 to 66 GHz recently adopted across the world for commercial use for wireless communication.
• 60GHz wavelength is about 0.5 centimeters.
• It is also known as V-band frequency.
• It is used for low power and short distance communication.

60GHz RF channels

• There four popular channels viz. each having about 2 GHz of bandwidth.

List of 60 GHz RF channels

Following table-1 mentions list of 60 GHz RF channels with start frequency, center frequency and stop frequency.

Channel-ID Start Frequency Center Frequendcy Stop Frequency
Channel-1 57.240 GHz 58.320 GHz 59.400 GHz
Channel-2 59.400 GHz 60.480 GHz 61.560 GHz
Channel-3 61.560 GHz 62.640 GHz 63.720 GHz
Channel-4 63.720 GHz 64.800 GHz 65.880 GHz

Countrywise 60 GHz RF band allocations

Following table-2 mentions Countrywise list of 60 GHz RF band allocations along with EIRP (Effective Isotropic Radiated Power).

Country 60 GHz Band EIRP or (Pmax.)
US and Canada 57.05 to 64 GHz 40 dBm
Europe 57 to 66 GHz 43 dBm
South Korea 57 to 64 GHz Pmax : (10 mWatt)
Japan 57 to 66 GHz 57 dBm
Australia 59.4 to 62.9 GHz 51.8 dBm
China 59 to 64 GHz

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