5G vs LTE Advanced Pro-Difference between 5G,LTE Advanced Pro

This page compares 5G Vs LTE Advanced Pro and mentions difference between 5G and LTE Advanced Pro.


• Data rate : > 10 gbps
• Frequency range: 3 to 300 GHz
• BW: very high, 1 GHz or higher
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LTE Advanced Pro

• Data rate: > 3 Gbps.
• Number of carriers: 32, each of 20MHz Bandwidth
• Can be used for IoT (Internet of Things)
• Can be seamlessly integrated with 5G
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Following is the tabular difference between 5G and LTE Advanced Pro.

Specifications 5G LTE Advanced Pro
3GPP Standard Release 3GPP Release 15 and Beyond 3GPP Release 13 and beyond
Total carrier Bandwidth 100MHz carrier BW for gigabit backhaul and 500MHz for multi-gigabit backhaul 640 MHz, aggregates upto 32 carriers each of 20MHz bandwidth
Data rate About 10 Gbps More than 3 Gbps
Latency less than 1ms round trip time less than 2ms round trip time and less than 1ms one way delay
Backward compatibility with current LTE Supported Not Supported
Control Plane Same as LTE Same as LTE
Frequency Spectrum 450 MHz to 6 GHz 3 to 6 GHz

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