5G network reference point architecture | NG1 to NG15 interfaces

This page describes 5G network reference point architecture. This 5G network architecture mentions various reference points or interfaces (NG1, NG2, NG3, NG4, NG5, NG6, NG7, NG8, NG9, NG10, NG11, NG12, NG13, NG14, NG15) used between functional blocks of 5G NR network.

The 5G stands for 5th generation of wireless technology. It follows 3GPP road map from which LTE i.e. 4th generation wireless technology and LTE advanced have been developed.

5G NR Overall architecture

• The figure-1 depicts 5G NR overall architecture. This is as defined in the 3GPP TS 38.300 specification.
• gNB node providing NR user plane and control plane protocol terminations towards the UE, and connected via the NG interface to the 5GC.
• ng-eNB node providing E-UTRA user plane and control plane protocol terminations towards the UE, and connected via the NG interface to the 5GC.
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5G NG1 to NG15 interfaces | 5G NG1 to NG15 Reference Points

5G NR Reference Point Architecture

The figure-2 depicts 5G reference point architecture. Following table mentions functional description of 5G NG1 to NG15 Reference Points or interfaces.

5G reference points or 5G interfaces Function description
NG1 Between UE and AMF (Access and Mobility Management Function)
NG2 Between RAN (Radio Access Network) or gNB (i.e. 5G base station) and AMF
NG3 Between RAN or gNB (i.e. 5G base station) and UPF (User Plane Function)
NG4 Between SMF (Session Management Function) and UPF
NG5 Between PCF (Policy Control Function) and AF (Application Function).
NG6 Between UPF and DN (Data Network)
NG7 NG7 is reference point between SMF and PCF
NG7r is reference point between vPCF and hPCF
NG8 Between Unified Data Management (UDM) and AMF
NG9 Between two core UPFs
NG10 Reference point between UDM and SMF
NG11 Between SMF and SMF
NG12 Between AMF and AUSF (Authentication Server Function)
NG13 Between UDM and AUSF
NG14 Between two AMFs
NG15 • Between PCF and AMF (in Non-roaming scenario)
• Between V-PCF and AMF (in Roaming scenario)
NG16 Between two SMFs (Roaming between V-SMF and H-SMF)

Reference: 3GPP specification

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