5G Handover Types-UE Initiated Handover,Network Initiated Handover

This page describes 5G handover types. It covers 5G handover initiated by UE and 5G handover initiated by network or 5G NB (Node B or Base Station). This is as per specifications published from Verizon 5G TF (Technical Forum) document TS V5G.300.

Network Initiated 5G Handover

Network Initiated 5G Handover

The figure-1 depicts Network Initiated 5G handover type. The figure shows messages exchanged between UE and serving NB1 (Node B#1) and target NB2 (Node B#2).

• UE receives handover information from NB1 .
• Next, UE performs quality measurements on BRSs (Beam Reference Signals) from neighbour cells.
• Once measurement event is triggered, UE sends measurement report to NB1.
• NB1 replies with handover command containing RRC connection re-configuration along with target cell NB2.
• UE completes handover with target cell NB2 by transmitting "RRC connection reconfiguration complete".

UE Initiated 5G Handover

UE Initiated 5G Handover

The figure-2 depicts UE Initiated 5G handover type. The figure shows messages exchanged between UE and serving NB1 and target NB2.

• When UE receives measurement configuration from serving cell NB#1 , it performs quality measurements on BRSs from neighbouring cells.
• As per measurement event triggering, UE sends measurement report to serving cell NB#1.
• NB#1 responds UE with list of possible neighbouring cells to complete the handover. This is provided in message "RRC connection reconfiguration".
• NB#1 provides measurement configuration for UE to complete the handover with target NBs.
• From the list of cells, UE selects the best cell for handover using "RRC Connection Reestablishment procedure".

Reference: TS V5G.300: "Network and Signaling Working Group; Verizon 5th Generation Radio Access; Overall Description"

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