5G NR Identifiers, 5G UE Identifiers, 5G Network Identifiers

This page on 5G NR Identifiers covers 5G Identifiers for UE and Network. The 5G UE identifiers include C-RNTI, temporary C-RNTI etc. The 5G network identifiers include AMF, NCGI, gNB ID, global gNB ID, TAI etc. Refer what is 5G NR? and its features.

5G UE Identifiers | C-RNTI, temporary C-RNTI

Following table-1 describes 5G UE Identifiers.

5G UE Identifiers Description
C-RNTI It is used for RRC connection and scheduling. In dual connection case, two C-RNTIs are allocated to UE for MCG and SCG functionalities independently. Here MCG and SCG stands for Master Cell Group and Slave Cell Group respectively.
temporary C-RNTI • It is used for random access procedure.
• It is used as random value for contention resolution purpose by UE in certain transient states.
I-RNTI It is used in order to identify UE Context for RRC_INACTIVE state. It is used at NG-RAN level for NR connected to 5GC.

5G Network Identifiers | AMF, NCGI, gNB ID, global gNB ID, TAI

Following table-2 describes 5G network Identifiers.

5G Network Identifiers Description
AMF It is used to identify Access and Mobility Management Function (AMF).
NCGI • It is used to identify NR cells at global scale.
• It is constructed from two values i.e. PLMN and NCI (NR Cell identity).
gNB ID • It identifies gNBs within PLMN.
• NCI of cells contain gNB ID field.
global gNB ID • It identifies gNBs at global scale. It is constructed from PLMN and gNB ID.
• It uses same MCC and MNC as used in NCGI.
TAI • It is the short form of Tracking Area Identity.
• It is used to identify tracking areas.
• It is constructed from PLMN of tracking area and TAC (Tracking Area Code).

Refer 5G NR RNTI >> for more detailed information as per latest release-15.

References: ( 1.) 3GPP TS 38.300 ( 2.) TS V5G.300

5G NR Numerology | 5G NR Terminology

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