5G MIB SIB contents | Master and system Information Blocks

This page describes 5G MIB SIB contents. It mentions 5G MIBs (Master Information Blocks) contents and 5G SIBs (System Information Blocks) contents and their functions as per 5G Verizon specification(5G TF). It also mentions MIB and SIB1 contents as per 5G NR 3GPP standard.

MIB and SIB as defined in TS V5G.331 5G verizon

Like LTE in 5G wireless technology, system information is divided into following two categories.
• Master Information Block (MIB)
• XSystemInformationBlock (xSIB)

5G MIB SIB contents

UE applies the system information acquisition procedure to acquire the system information that is broadcasted by the 5G-RAN. The procedure applies to UEs in RRC_IDLE and UEs in RRC_CONNECTED.

5G MIB contents | 5G Master Information Block

The 5G Master Information Block (MIB) includes system information transmitted on xBCH transport channel and xBCCH logical channel. It uses RLC-SAP Transparent Mode (TM).

5G MIB Description
SystemFrameNumber (SFN) Data Type/Size: BIT STRING (SIZE (8))
brsTransmissionPeriod • Data Type/Size: ENUMERATED {mx5, ms5, ms10, ms20}
• Defines the transmission period of Beam Reference Symbol. Value in number of milliseconds.
• Value mx5 corresponds 5ms repetition when half subframe is used for xPBCH and BRS transmission.
• ms5, ms10, ms20 corresponds 5ms 10ms, and 20 ms periodicity when complete subframes are used for BRS transmission.
ePBCHTransmissionPeriod • Data Type/Size: ENUMERATED {ms0, ms40, ms80, ms160}
• Defines the transmission periodicity of ePBCH. ePBCH as defined in V5G.211 Table 6.5.A.4-1.
• The ms0 defines that ePBCH is not transmitted and ms40 defines transmission period of 40ms and so on.

5G SIB contents | 5G System Information Block

The IE (Information Element) XSystemInformationBlock contains RRC (radio resource configuration) information which is common for all UEs. It is transmitted on xBCCH logical channel and xBCH transport channel. It uses RLC-SAP Transparent Mode (TM). It is transmitted from 5G-RAN to UE direction. Following table mentions 5G System Information Block (SIB) contents.

5G SIB Description
plmn-Identity • The IE PLMN-Identity identifies a Public Land Mobile Network.
• Further information regarding how to set the IE are specified in TS 23.003
• It contains MCC, MNC etc.
cellIdentity • The IE CellIdentity is used to unambiguously identify a cell within a PLMN.
• Data type/size: BIT STRING (SIZE (28))
cellBarred Data type/size: ENUMERATED {barred, notBarred}
cellReservedForOperatorUse Data type/size: ENUMERATED {reserved, notReserved}
defaultConfigID Data type/size: INTEGER(0..15)
prach-uRoot Data type/size: INTEGER (1..70)

Reference: TS V5G.331: "5G Radio Access (5G RA); 5G Radio Resource Control (5G-RRC) protocol specification"

MIB and SIB1 as defined in 3GPP TS 38.331

5G NR system information acquisition

Following Figure mentions MIB contents. It is transmitted on BCH with BCCH as logical channel. It is transmitted from network (i.e. gNB) to UE side.

5G NR MIB contents

Following figure mentions SIB1 contents. SIB1 contains information which evaluates whether UE is allowed to access a cell or not. It also defines scheduling related system information. It consists of RRC information common to all UEs.

5G NR SIB1 contents

It is transmitted on logical channels BCCH and BR-BCCH from network side to UE side.

Reference: 3GPP TS 38.331 V15.2.0, RRC protocol specification (Release 15)

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