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Smartwatch hardware components | List of Smartwatch parts and functions

The article describes Smartwatch hardware components and parts. It mentions list of Smartwatch parts and Smartwatch components with their functions.

Due to advancement in technologies and availability of smart devices people are looking for more features than just time. Todays smart watches provide many features such as receiving calls, dialling of calls, reply to texts or emails, calender or meeting reminders etc.

What is smartwatch ?

In general, the watch which provides extra features than time is known as smart watch. It consists of microprocessor, wireless transceiver IC, GPS IC, display, sensors, buttons and wrist band.

Smartwatch Gear 2 Neo

The figure depicts Samsung Gear Neo which weighs only 68g and 36.9mm width. The switches are available in various budget range from multiple manufacturers. There are many benefits of smart watches for the users. Some of these are as follows.
• It works in tandem with smart phones.
• The postpaid number can be shared with smartwatch to avail data and voice calls.
• Based on wireless ICs mounted on the smartwatch, it can be connected with wifi and/or cellular network.
• The smartwatch can be connected with nearby bluetooth devices if bluetooth IC is available on the watch.
• Multiple fitness spps can be installed on the smartwatch for various features.
• Based on sensors installed, it can be used for heart rate and blood pressure measurements. It can also be used for distance measurements, sleep monitoring and calories burned while running and walking and so on.

Functions of smartwatch hardware components or parts

When we teardown smartwatch such as Samsung Gear Neo or any other smartwatch, we will usually found following smartwatch hardware parts. Following table describes functions of these common smartwatch parts or components.

Smartwatch hardware parts

Smartwatch parts Functions
Display 1.63 " super AMOLED display
320 x 320 resolution
Memory 4GB internal memory for storage, 512 MB RAM
Camera 2 MP Camera with auto focus with different resolutions (1920 x 1080, 1080 x 1080, 1280 x 960), 720p video at 30 fps
Battery 300 mAh Li-ion, Typical usage 2 to 3 days and low usage provide 6 days of battery life. It can be peeled out and replaced with no tools.
LCD digitizer cable It connects LCD with motherboard.
Motherboard with CPU It houses 1 GHz dual core alongwith other electronic components.
Watch Band It helps to wear the device on the wrist. It is very easy to detach.
Gasket It is used to provide support to case and screws for proper fixing with motherboard and other parts.
Bluetooth or wifi Can be interfaced with any bluetooth or wifi devices for data transfer and much more.
Sensor It is used as accelerometer, gyroscope and heart rate measuring device.
Buttons or Keys There are keys on smartwatch which can be used fo various functions such as "Home", "Back" etc. Moreover screen itself can be used for various navigation due to its "touch" functionality.

The smartwatches are available in various colors. Tizen based wearable platform is installed on these kind of smartwatches. Tizen is Linux based mobile operating system used by Samsung Electronics.

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