LTE eNodeB RF Conformance Tests

This page describes LTE eNodeB RF Conformance Tests. These tests have been divided into following subcategories.
•  eNodeB (Base Station) RF Transmitter tests
•  BS RF Receiver tests
•  BS RF performance tests

RF Transmitter part tests for LTE eNodeB

Test Case 3GPP 36.141, Reference/Description
Base Station output power 6.2
Resource element Power control dynamic range 6.3.1
Total power dynamic range 6.3.2
Transmit ON/OFF power 6.4
Frequency Error 6.5.1
Error Vector Magnitude 6.5.2
Time alignment between transmitter branches 6.5.3
Downlink reference signal power 6.5.4
Occupied bandwidth 6.6.1
Adjacent Channel Leakage Power Ratio 6.6.2
Operating band unwanted emissions 6.6.3
Transmitter spurious emissions 6.6.4
Transmitter intermodulation 6.7

RF receiver part tests for LTE eNodeB

Test Case 3GPP 36.141, Reference/Description
Reference Sensitivity Level 7.2
Dynamic Range 7.3
In channel selectivity 7.4
Adjacent Channel Selectivity(ACS) and narrow band blocking 7.5
Blocking 7.6
Receiver spurious emissions 7.7
Receiver intermodulation 7.8

Performance conformance tests

Test Case 3GPP 36.141, Reference/Description
Demodulation of PUSCH in multipath fading conditions 8.2.1
Performance requirements for UL timing adjustment 8.2.2
Performance requirements for HARQ-ACK multiplexed on PUSCH 8.2.3
Performance requirements for High Speed Train conditions 8.2.4
ACK missed detection requirements for PUCCH format 1a 8.3.1
CQI missed detection for PUCCH format 2 8.3.2
ACK missed detection for multi user PUCCH format 1a 8.3.3
PRACH false alarm probability and missed detection 8.4.1

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