mifi internet using portable wifi hotspot

This page describes how to setup mifi router 2200. This device acts as portable wifi hotspot to provide mifi internet services.

how to setup mifi router

Figure-1 depicts typical mifi network. As shown in the figure, mifi router brings wireless broadband internet connectivity within the home or office premises. This is achieved using cellular RF link. This cellular connection depends on type of cellular network supported such as EVDO, HSPA, LTE etc. by the internet service provider. Mifi 2200 supports CDMA/EVDO. MiFi®500 router supports both EVDO as well as LTE network. MiFi®4510L router supports GSM, HSPA+, WCDMA, GPRS, EDGE etc.

After the wireless internet connection is brought into the home or office premises, it can be accessed by more than one wifi compliant devices such as laptop, tablet, smartphone etc. In order to be wifi compliant devices need to have support WLAN 802.11b/g/n specifications. The device novatel mifi 2200 supports upto five wifi enabled devices. In this mifi network, router is referred as mobile hotspot.

mifi-2200 router

mifi 2200

Figure-2 depicts mifi 2200 router from Novatel wireless supplied by verizon wireless for providing mifi internet services. Following are the components of the mifi2200.
1-Power Button/Power Button LED
2-microUSB Connector (AC charger and USB cable need to be connect here.)
3-Service Status LED (Shows mobile broadband connection status)
4-Network Name and Password label(preconfigured network name i.e. SSID and network password)
5-Master Reset Button(Returns the router to factory settings)
6-Battery compartment(The housing for the battery)

Following table mentions basic features of mifi2200 device:

Specifications Description
Name/Model Verizon Wireless MiFi 2200, MiFi2200 VZW
Cellular Wireless Network CDMA 1x, EVDO
WiFi 11b,11g
Memory 100MB hard drive, 128MB RAM
USB port Type A, v1.1 and v2.0 supported
Technology support CDMA Rev A, Rev 0, 1XRTT
Band supported 800 and 1900MHz
Approval FCC (North America); CDG
Weight 58g

How to setup mifi router (Novatel mifi-2200)

The setting up mifi router is very easy. Following steps provide basic guide on how to setup mifi 2200 router from Novatel wireless. This guide will help quick setup 3G wireless internet using mobile hotspot.

Step-1: Ensure that computer or laptop or device meets the minimum system requirements. Also make sure that MiFi 2200 battery is properly inserted and charged before using it.

Step-2: Turn on the computer and close all the applications.

Step-3: Connect MiFi 2200 to the USB port of the computer using its USB port.

Step-4: MiFi2200 get powered on when connected. VZAccess Manager installer launches and required drivers get automatically installed after the software installation is completed. This takes few minutes.

Step-5: For the first time user, open VZAccess Manager and do as directed to configure the mifi device.

Step-6: To activate the mobile broadband service on MiFi 2200 , select 'Connect WWAN' or go to the options menu in VZAccess Manager and select 'Activation' and follow the prompts.

Step-7: One can now start using the mifi internet from the available cellular network.

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