Anritsu Wireless Test and Measurement Solutions

Anritsu is one of the top company providing test and measurement solutions to address the RF,microwave and wireless testing of devices . The products are targetted for design stage verification, for manufacturing and for maintenance testing of wireless devices. Anritsu has products in the fiber optic domain to take care of data communication market.

Anritsu offer solutions to address current and emerging standards such as 1G,2G,2.5G,3G,4G and 5G. The products provide support for IEEE,3GPP,3GPP2 standard based technologies, which include GSM,GPRS,WCDMA,HSDPA,WLAN-802.11,WiMAX-Fixed and Mobile.

Anritsu's test and measurement product portfolios cover both mobile and BTS (base station) testing. These products are used for radio and protocol conformance testing of the devices.

Signalling tester(Model: MD8475A)

Following are features of Anritsu's Signalling tester or base station simulator which supports LTE FDD/TDD,WCDMA,DC HSDPA,GSM,GPRS,EVDO standards. It supports Voice over LTE tests and call processing tests of smartphones supporting LTE standard. Signalling tester also provides testing of MIMO 2x2 and CS fallback,handover features. It supports IRAT cell reselection, 2 cell simulation environment and cell change tests as needed for making mobile work in the actual network.

Cable and Antenna Analyzer(Model: S331L)

Cable and Antenna Analyzer from Anritsu supports 2 MHz to 4 GHz RF frequencies and has one port which can be connected for test and measurement of cable/antenna. The measurements include VSWR,cable loss,RF power,return loss and more.

Universal wireless test set(Model: MT8870A)

Wireless test set from Anritsu is designed for production/manufacturing tests. The set has 4 slot module which makes 4 parallel test and measurement of the devices. Each of these modules support dual core CPU and provided with high speed bus. It supports LTE advanced and WLAN 802.11ac and all the RF carrier frequencies and bandwidths.

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