Agilent Wireless Test and Measurement Solutions

Agilent technologies is a leader in RF and wireless test and measurement industry. Now-a-days products are becoming very complex due to support of complex modulation schemes viz. 256QAM,OFDM,OFDMA and support of multiple standards(GSM,WCDMA and LTE) in a mobile phone device. This requires testing of all the standards including IRAT(Inter Radio Access Technology) testing in the mobile devices at various stages of the development. Agilent provides one box solution to meet this demand from the industry right from conceptualisation till manufacturing of the wireless devices. These products from Agilent provide mobile phone designers and phone manufacturers with increase in measurement speed,improvement in accuracy of the results for testing mobile devices.

One box test and measurement solution from Agilent supports various wireless standards which include GSM,GPRS,EGPRS,WCDMA,HSPA,CDMA2000,EVDO,IS-95,AMPS,Bluetooth,Zigbee,WLAN(11a/11b/11g/11n),WiMAX(Fixed-16d,Mobile-16e), LTE and LTE-Advanced.As mentioned Agilent's solutions cover both IEEE,3GPP and other evolving wireless standards.

Agilent products both PHY and MAC layers of the devices can be tested. There are products by which even upper layer functionality can also be verified. Typical measurements supported by Agilent's test and measurement products cover power spectrum mask,transmit power versus time curve,CCDF,EVM,channel response, spectral flatness,frequency error,timing error,DC offset,PAPR and more. This helps designers identify any problem at the design/development stage itself.

Agilent Wireless Test Sets for test and measurement

The models E6640A EXM, E6621A PXT,E6607A EXT are referred as wireless communications test sets. They are designed for manufacturing testing. They are used for testing multiple devices in parallel.

Another product from Agilent model N9912A FieldFox is used as antenna analyzer, scalar network analyzer and includes power meter,signal generation and signal analysis functionalities too. Handheld Model N934X is a spectrum analyzer ideal for RF/wireless engineers for frequency domain spectrum analysis. Another model N9330B is a handy cable and antenna tester.

8960 Series 10 wireless communication test set

Model no. E5515C series is a wireless communication test set used for wireless device manufacturing tests and for RF design and verification tests. This instrument is ideal for GSM,WCDMA,GPRS and LTE device testing. To know complete features of Agilent 8960 wireless test equipment, Read more

Very portable equipment N4010A is a wireless test set, can be configured for bluetooth,zigbee,WLAN-11a,11b,11g,11n device testing at various stages of the development cycle.

Agilent PXI signal generator

The PXI solution from agilent include signal generator which can be used for receiver testing of the wireless devices.

Agilent is continuously working on providing test and measurement solutions to address emerging wireless technologies/standards such as Dual carrier and MIMO versions of HSDPA, LTE Advanced and WiGig-WLAN 11ad. This is required for test and measurement to address conformance requirements viz. RCT,PCT and RRM to be met by device manufacturers.

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