7GHz RF Amplifier Layout Design

In this article, we will explain layout circuit design for the general purpose RF Amplifier device FSX017WF (GaAs FET). The device is having gain of 11 dB at about 8GHz. It has 1dB gain compression point of 21.5dB at 8GHz.

RF Simulation Circuit

RF Amplifier Layout Circuit

The figure depicts RF simulation circuit used before and after the device to generate layout for mounting the RF amplifier device on the PCB. The same can be etched on the dielectric substrate of εr equal to 3.38. The RF connectors are appropriately mounted on port 1 and port 2 suitably for RF signal coupling.

Substrate Specifications Value
Relative Dielectric Constant(εr) 3.38
Substrate thickness(H) 32 mils
Conductor thickness(T) 0.7 mils
Rho(Metal Bulk resistivity normalized to gold) 1
Tand(Loss tangent of dielectric) 0.0022


RF Amplifier Circuit Results

The figure depicts results of our RF amplifier design layout. As shown in the figure, return loss i.e. S11 and S22 values are better than about -10.5dB. Gain value i.e. S21 is about 11dB as mentioned in the data sheet of the RF amplifier device.

Layout schematic

RF Amplifier Final Layout

The figure depicts RF amplifier final layout to be etched on the dielectric substrate with the specifications mentioned above.


Similar to this design layout described, mounting layout for any other RF amplifier can also be generated. The specific mounting dimensions are need to be considered.

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