Satellite Simulator and Network simulation software Basics

This page covers network simulation software.It mentions satellite simulator basics,satellite delay simulator and its application notes.

The hardware device or software application which simulates satellite conditions in a controlled environment is known as satellite simulator. The one whuch introduces satellite network delay or latency is known as satellite delay simulator.

Various companies are developing it in order to support different variety of satellites such as GPS, Galileo, Geo-synchronous, Iridium etc.

Following application note describes GPSG-1000 portable satellite simulator from Aeroflex.

Satellite delay simulator application note

satellite simulator

Figure-1 depicts touchscreen satellite simulator. It is truly portableand easy to use Galileo and GPS position simulator. It can simulate 3D point in time. It is available in 6 channel and 12 channel configurations. Following are the silent features of Aeroflex satellite simulator model GPSG-1000.

• Can simulate GPS and Galileo signals.
• Can support SBAS simulation
• PVT data is available using RS232
• Remote control interface, Ethernet
• Parametrics and health of space vehicle are programmable

Satellite Simulator Vendors

Following table mentions satellite simulator hardware and software vendors.

Model Vendor Description
Satellite Link Simulation ('Simulator 3') Vocality International Ltd It is network latency simulator or satellite delay simulator which simulates upto 10seconds. serial/IP WAN simulation, synchronous serial reates of 5.12Mbps(max.)
GPSG-1000 Aeroflex portable satellite simulator to test GPS and Galileo based GNSS receivers
Satellite Simulator application Developed by Shawn Java based and free to download from
Satellite Simulators TERMA It provides realistic simulation of spacecraft, ground segment and space environment
Tri-band satellite simulator L-3 Narda Satellite Networks X-band, C-Band, Ku-band
software satellite simulator SPUTNIX Ltd. Open source is available to download on website

Moreover Rohde & Schwarz has introduced GNSS simulator in their VSG series SMBV100A aimed to perform GNSS receiver tests. It is useful for mobile phone manufacturers having systems with GNSS modules. Keysight technologies has also recently introduced 50GHz firefox handheld analyzer to perform testing of complex satellite systems.

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